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The Spanish Head & Neck Cancer Cooperative Group is an association of independent oncologists specialized in the treatment of this pathology. It was created in 2001 with the aim of becoming the specialized cooperative group of reference in the investigation and development of therapeutic protocols in this area.

Its main objectives are to boost and promote the clinic investigation of quality following the international standards for good clinical practices; and encourage and develop the continuous training of its members. The last one to be done by holding periodic conferences about current issues related to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and post treatment of these conditions and the elaboration and diffusion of publications in this area.

The head and neck cancer pathology has a high mortality index in male, being it the 4th cause of death in men with cancer. Furthermore, it has become the 3rd most common tumor existing and is increasing its incidence in women mainly due to tobacco habits. Spain estimates around 12.000 cases per year with an annual death rate of 4.000 people caused by this cancer.

The fundamental role of the TTCC is the oncologic research of head and neck cancer, including the tumors of oral cavity, paranasal sinuses, salivary glands, pharynx, larynx, thyroids and others reliant structures localized in the cranial base; developing this way studies in collaboration with different centers and specialists which usually implies the adjustment of molecular and genetic investigation techniques, as well as the use of new medicaments or new combinations.

This cooperation between hospitals and specialists constitutes the baseline to understand the efficiency and security of the treatments, and increase the quality of patient’s caring by applying the results and the clinical trial’s methodology to the daily clinical practice.

Nowadays, the TTCC counts with 90 hospitals distributed amongst the Spanish geography, and an adjacent center in Portugal.

Since it was launched, the scientific activity of the TTCC has been reflected in many ways. An example, the members of the group is people of reference in national and international forums and a great number of its clinic trials have been published and diffused in magazines and conferences worldwide.

This site would like to expose the activities of the group and at the same time serve as an information and communication tool of this pathology for professionals and patients. It has been created with a dynamic spirit and the compromise of continuously update its contents in order to include the latest discoveries in this area.

Thanks to both, doctors and patients, for contributing in the scientific advances of Oncology

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